Chaz Bono is ready to go! We'll be rooting for him on Dancing with the Stars.
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Chaz Bono is working out hard these days. Gotta prove the haters wrong.
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Jennifer Ella and Chaz Bono: So happy together!
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Chaz Bono waves after being cast on Dancing With the Stars. He's all smiles despite the controversy.
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Chaz Bono and Jennifer Elia are excited to get married. The former is Cher's son and made headlines due to his gender re-assignment surgery.
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Chaz Bono shakes it in the rumba on Dancing With the Stars. Not a bad first week!
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Can Chaz Bono dance? We'll find out on the new season of Dancing with the Stars!
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Chaz Bono is going Dancing With the Stars. Do you agree with that?
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Chaz Bono Biography

Chaz Bono Red Carpet Look
Chaz Bono is a well-known LGBT rights advocate, as well as a writer, actor and musician. HE is the child of Sonny and Cher. The former... More »
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Chaz Bono