Charlize Theron will play The Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman. This is your first look at her in that role.
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Charlize Theron attended the MTV Movie Awards looking like this. Yeah. Stare for as long as you'd like, people.
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Keanu Reeves and Charlize Theron are apparently hooking up. That would be a pretty hot couple, don't you agree?
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Charlize Theron won the Decade of Hotness award at Spike TV's Guys Choice Awards in June 2010. Can anyone really argue with this selection?
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Even with short hair, Charlize Theron looks dazzling. She poses here at the Academy Awards.
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A poster of Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen in Snow White and the Huntsman. This movie is going to rock.
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Charlize Theron stars in Prometheus. She poses here on the red carpet premiere of that movie.
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Charlize Theron exposes a lot of skin in this Golden Globe Awards dress. For the record, we have no problem with that.
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Hello there, Charlize Theron! The actress poses here in a bikini for Vogue.
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Charlize Theron didn't bare EVERYthing in May of 1999. Still, we'd recommend buying this issue.
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You can't get a great look in this photo, but it's clear what has happened: Charlize Theron has shaved her head!
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Thank God - and GQ UK - for this Charlize Theron nude photo. The actress may not be baring it all, literally, but she isn't wearing anything underneath that sheet. Probably as close as we'll ever get to full frontal action.
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