Yes, Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen have had their problems. But it sounds like each side wants to reconcile.
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Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller look happy in this photo. We all know that's not exactly reality, however.
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Charlie Sheen received a huge ovation in Chicago. He then went out and partied with fans, as seen here.
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Can you picture Charlie Sheen on Entourage? That show's creator has contacted the actor about a guest-starring gig.
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Charlie Sheen is seen here following one of his MANY interviews. You gotta love/despise the nut job.
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I'm not bipolar! So reads the hat of Charlie Sheen in this photo.
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Charlie Sheen will be roasted by Comedy Central on September. Talk about easy material!
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This is an old photo of Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller, snapped in 2007. But the couple is hanging out once again!
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What a Nut Job
Charlie Sheen was best known for a handful of movie roles and then for Two and a Half Men... and then he pretty much went crazy in the... More »
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Carlos Irwin Estevez

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Sean Penn, Mel Gibson, Colin Farrell. They didn't give me any advice. Within that there's great advice. There's just love. Just seeing what's up.

Charlie Sheen

All these words just sound cool together. They come from my grand wizard master.

Charlie Sheen