Casper Smart leads the way in this photo. Jennifer Lopez smiles, broadly, behind her man.
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Casper Smart and J. Lo on the Walk of Fame. She got the star, not him FYI.
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Casper Smart and Jennifer Lopez are very much in love. They hold hands in this photo.
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Jennifer Lopez gets kinky with boyfriend Casper Smart in this photo, which teases the former's upcoming music video for "Dance Again."
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Casper Smart blindfolds Jennifer Lopez in this teaser photo. It's hyping the singer's music video for the track "Dance Again."
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Jennifer Lopez sings "Dance Again" in this still from American Idol. Along her side? Boyfriend Casper Smart.
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Casper Smart is a lucky man. The backup dancer has been spending time with Jennifer Lopez... naked!
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Look behind Jennifer Lopez in this picture. That's backup dancer Casper Smart, also known as her rumored new boyfriend.
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Casper Smart is a backup dancer who has appeared on Glee and also on stage with various artists. He's most famous, though, for being the... More »
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