This photo of Casey Anthony showed up on Twitter. It is not clear how.
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Run for it pooch!
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This fake book cover is what we imagine Jeff Ashton's should look like. He's the prosecutor who couldn't convict Casey Anthony.
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Casey Anthony and Jose Baez will be forever linked by her murder trial, which he somehow won. But word is they are now parting ways.
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Casey Anthony is back in court. This trial has been as captivating as it is long.
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Casey Anthony does a lot of that, sincere or not.
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Casey Anthony reacts here to the verdict in her murder case. She was found not guilty on every serious charge.
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A Casey Anthony quote from January 2013. She's looking for closure apparently.
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Casey Anthony on Trial
Casey Anthony is an accused murderer from Orlando, Florida. In 2008, authorities believe she killed her two-year-old, Caylee Marie... More »
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Casey Anthony