Siri Pinter and Carson Daly have a reason to be smiling: the couple got engaged in October 2013.
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Carson Daly, Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Christina Aguilera in a promo pic for The Voice.
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Carson Daly got into a bit of a scandal in March 2012 when he mocked the weakness of gays. He later apologized.
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Carson Daly and Siri Pinter are expecting their second child. Congratulations!
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Carson Daly with Siri Pinter and their son arriving at a chili cook-off in Malibu. She just gave birth to their second!
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Carson Daly hosts The Voice. And he's also behind Last Call on NBC.
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Will Carson Daly help improve ratings at Today? NBC sure hopes so.
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Carson Daly is engaged! He announced the exciting news in October 2013.
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AWWWW!!!! Carson Daly poses here with his newborn daughter. She was born in August 2014.
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Carson Daly hosts The Voice. He's no Ryan Seacrest, but he's not half bad!
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Carson Daly is a talk show host who was kind of big a few years ago and we guess sort of is now. Tough call there. Before his present... More »
Carson Jones Daly
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Santa Monica, California