Bruce Willis is a father once again. He poses adorably here with his baby girl.
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Rumer Willis with her father Bruce Willis, her sisters Scout and Tallulah Willis, and her mom Demi Moore on Dancing with the Stars!
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Bruce and Emma Willis are posing for a picture in W Magazine here. What a pair of hotties. Mmm. Yummy.
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Emma Heming goes to town on Bruce Willis in this odd photo from W Magazine in summer 2009. Just plain weird, but hey, whatever works for them.
Rating: 3.9 / 5.0
Emma Heming and Bruce Willis are wife and old man as of March 2009. This is great news for all involved!
Rating: 3.3 / 5.0
Not sure what Emma Heming has in mind for Bruce Willis here, but it certainly isn't good. Or is it so bad that it IS good?
Rating: 3.1 / 5.0
This photo was taken in 2008. Bruce Willis might not be so friendly with Ashton Kutcher these days.
Rating: 1.3 / 5.0
Bruce Willis finds himself at the wrong end of contract negotiations. Check out the story now!
Rating: 1.0 / 5.0
Bruce Willis smiles here with wife Emma Heming. In October 2011, the pair announced it is expecting a child.
Rating: Unrated
Bruce Willis going to be a father for the fifth time. Wife Emma Heming announced her pregnancy in December 2013.
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Emma Heming-Willis and Bruce Willis are happily married. They have two kids together.
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Bruce Willis is tight with Demi Moore. According to source, he's been there as much as possible for his ex-wife through her tribulations.
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