Bruce with Kris and his step-daughters. He's beginning to look strange here.
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Bruce Jenner is a very lucky man. He no longer has to live in the same house as Kris Jenner.
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Bruce Jenner covers the new issue of In Touch magazine. His ex-wife Kris Jenner is reportedly furious with the way he's portrayed by the tabloid.
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How long is Bruce Jenner's hair these days? He can easily wear is in a ponytail.
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Bruce looks nothing like his old self these days. Many have suggested he's a victim of bad plastic surgery.
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Bruce Jenner will be a woman soon, according to this tabloid anyway. The stuff they get away with printing these days.
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No, this is not a photo of a woman. It's a photo of Bruce Jenner. We understand that mistake.
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Bruce in his hey day. He certainly has changed a lot since then.
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Bruce Jenner has undergone two procedures for skin cancer. But the reality star is expected to be okay.
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The appearance of Bruce Jenner has raised many questions. Is there any chance he really wants to undergo a sex change?
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Bruce Jenner's transformation from man to woman is apparently coming soon. At least if you believe Us Weekly.
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Bruce Jenner no longer lives with his many daughters. But he's hanging out with every last one of them in this cute photo.
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