Some paparazzi managed to snap some photos of Bruce Jenner wearing a dress at his home in Malibu. The New York Daily News made the controversial decision to publish the pics.
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A photo that allegedly shows Bruce Jenner wearing a bra or bikini top was published by an Australian tabloid today. The former Olympian is expected to sue.
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Bruce Jenner covers the latest issue of In Touch. The tabloid claims Jenner is on 24-hour suicide watch due to the stress of coping with the public's reaction to his sex change.
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Bruce Jenner is a very lucky man. He no longer has to live in the same house as Kris Jenner.
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Bruce Jenner on ABC News Friday, April 24, speaking to Diane Sawyer. He broke his silence for the first time on his transition.
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Bruce is looking mighty feminine these days. There are rumors that he's looking to have a sex change.
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Bruce in his hey day. He certainly has changed a lot since then.
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Bruce with Kris and his step-daughters. He's beginning to look strange here.
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