Brooklyn Decker naked is a wonderful sight. Sure, some of you out there would rather she not be wearing a thick coat of body paint, but hey, what are you gonna do.
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Brooklyn Decker is very much naked in this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue photo. That's just body paint! How great is SI?
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Brooklyn Decker? Not unattractive. Especially while wearing only body paint in the SI Swimsuit issue.
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Brooklyn Decker heats up the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue in 2009. She's so hot, you wonder how that body paint doesn't melt off.
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Brooklyn Decker is a Sports Illustrated model. She is darned near nude in this pic. One wonders if Brooklyn Decker has been seen naked by Andy Roddick, who she's been linked to in September 2007.
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Brooklyn Decker rocks the body paint in this photo from the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, 2009.
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Brooklyn Decker is nude in Sports Illustrated ... wearing a nice coat of paint, sure, but naked just the same. And quite marvelous.
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Here's Brooklyn Decker nude. Not much else to say about the photograph, except to wish the model would move her hands. Just a little. Pretty please.
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A beautiful Sports Illustrated model, Brooklyn Decker not only has a cool first name (a lot cooler than "New York" a.k.a. Tiffany... More »
Kettering, Ohio
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Brooklyn Decker