Brooke Burke and Derek Hough achieved the first set of perfect scores during the seventh week of competition. This Foxtrot earned a 30.
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Here's yet another shot of Brooke Burke nude. Is anyone else surprised that a show such as Dancing with the Stars would take someone on as a contestant that has posed in such a manner?
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Whoa! We guess this Brooke Burke photo is considered artistic because it's in black and white... but that doesn't change the fact that the television show host is about to give this random dude her best Antonella Barba!
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Over the first three performances of season seven, Brooke Burke and Derek Hough had the highest score every single night on Dancing with the Stars.
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Brooke Burke prepares to receive cancer treatment on her thyroid. We wish her the best.
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Brooke Burke chats with Mark Ballas and Bristol Palin following their Dancing With the Stars debut. Fun pic.
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Here's another Playboy cover graced with a photo of Brooke Burke naked. The model and TV personality is also a dancing reality star.
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Brooke Burke is anything but shy. Fortunately for this beauty, Dancing with the Stars overlooked her naked pics and chose her as a contestant for the show's seventh season.
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