Poor Brittny Gastineau. It took until my six or seventh glance at that picture to notice that she was even there.
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At her friend's ridiculous wedding, Brittny Gastineau waves to the camera. We're shocked she hasn't married a famous athlete yet in order to make headlines.
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Brittny Gastineau Tweeted this photo of herself and Kim Kardashian. The pair sat courtside to watch the latter's boyfriend, Kris Humphries, play basketball.
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Kim and Brittny Gastineau have been friends since before all of the TV hype. Brittny's father was a famous football player and had her own, terrible show called 'Gastineau Girls.'
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Who let Brittny Gastineau into the ESPY Awards? This useless socialite is seen here on the red carpet.
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Uh-oh! Should Tila Tequila be jealous? Her supposed girlfriend, Courtenay Semel, has been seen around town with Brittny Gastineau.
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Brittny Gastineau is known for... being the daughter of a rich family. She's good friends with Kim Kardashian.
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Brittny Gastineau isn't good at very much. But the reality TV star definitely knows how to shop.
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Brittny Gastineau Biography

Brittny Gastineau and Courtenay Semel
Brittny Gastineau is almost as useless as fellow reality TV stars Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian. At least those two put out sex tapes,... More »
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Brittny Gastineau