Not the way you're thinking. Just literally.
Britney Spears' Circus tour is basically a world-traveling striptease act, but hey, whatever puts butts in the seats, eh?
It's a thing of beauty, no? So sculpted, so toned, so gorgeous. And only a few dozen guys have probably had the pleasure of seeing it in the buff. Jealous.
Britney Spears likes to get down and shake it on the dance floor as part of her Circus tour ... or a typical night at the hotel with Chase Benz.
Britney Spears certainly qualifies as such. The girl may have some issues, but man, can she crack that whip and put on a show.
Britney Spears has been working the Circus tour so hard, it's amazing she's got anything left for the European leg. Then again, stimulants can go a long way.
Britney Spears makes us want to call the cops ... it is too hot in here! Someone get help, she's burning the place to the ground!
Britney Spears knows how to work a pole. Hard. Up, down. Up, down. Getting low, working it in perfect syncopation. Okay, this is starting to sound dirty.

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Check Please!
Wow. Britney Spears is ... just.... OMG. Wow. Just wow. With this girl, that's about all we can say at this point. Once the biggest... More »
Kentwood, Louisiana
Full Name
Britney Jean Spears

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I miss it here so much! I love it so much! It makes me it's kinda like bittersweet coming here because I used to live here for two years. And when I come here, it's like, man, I wish I had my apartment here still.

Britney Spears [on New York City]

MTV has long played an important role in my career. How can I not be there to kick off their 25th VMAs?

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