You're looking at the 2010 Celebrity Apprentice champion. Bret Michaels overcame numerous medical issues in May 2010 to win the latest edition of this reality show.
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Bret Michaels is seen here with his immediate family. The rocker has two daughters with Kristi Gibson (far left).
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Bret Michaels is more popular than ever before. In this photo, he signs autographs for fans, soon after he was named winner of Celebrity Apprentice.
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Bret Michaels has a lot to smile about these days. He has good health - and possibly a spot on American Idol? Rumors that he'd replace Simon Cowell started to circulate in May 2010.
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Bret Michaels is seen here at the Celebrity Apprentice after-party. He walked out with that show's title in May 2010.
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Bret Michaels was pretty much the star of the show on the season nine finale of American Idol. He's seen here in the press room, following his performance.
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Prior to an appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman, Bret Michaels posed with his daughter and girlfriend. They are closer than ever following his health scare.
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Bret Michaels has moved on from groupies. He's now all about his girlfriend and his daughters, as seen here.
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Bret Michaels Biography

Donald and Bret
Bret Michaels is the lead singer of Poison. But that's barely even what he's known for at this point. Michaels has made a name for... More »
Butler, Pennsylvania
Full Name
Bret Michael Sychak