Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Brown have reunited on Father's Day! Look at that hug.
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This is a very old photo of Whitney Houston kissing Bobby Brown. The couple really did enjoy some happy years together.
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Take a look at the Houston family during better times, as Bobby smiles for the camera along with daughter Bobbi and wife Whitney.
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Terrell Owens and Bobby Brown. This explains a lot.
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Bobby Brown and Alicia Etheridge got married Monday in Hawaii. Check out this cute wedding pic.
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Alicia Etheredge is married to Bobby Brown. Let's hope she doesn't regret that decision.
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Bobby Brown appears here on The Today Show. He used the interview to defend his role in Whitney Houston's life and death.
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Bobby Brown looks down here prior to the funeral for his ex-wife. The singer is back in the news due to Whitney Houston's passing.
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Bobby Brown is spotted here at the funeral for Whitney Houston. He actually left the event early due to an argument with his former in-laws.
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Bobby Brown is off to the slammer. He was sentenced to 55 days in jail for a third DUI arrest.
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Bobby Brown performs here at 6th Annual Jazz In The Gardens at the Sun Life Stadium Miami, Florida. It's a shot from a 2011 concert.
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Bobby Brown is seen here performing, but music will now take a backseat for him. He has a daughter to look after.
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