We really do wish Bobbi Kristina Brown the best. This teenager has struggled mightily since her mom passed away.
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Bobbi Kristina has faced many struggled in her life. We hope Whitney's daughter can turn it around.
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Bobbi Kristina and Bobby Brown have reunited on Father's Day! Look at that hug.
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Take a look at the Houston family during better times, as Bobby smiles for the camera along with daughter Bobbi and wife Whitney.
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Oprah Winfrey greets Bobbi Kristina in this photo from their interview on OWN, as the latter opened up about the passing of her mom.
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Bobbi Kristina Brown says she wants to star in hew own reality show. No way this is a good idea.
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Bobbi Kristina Brown is the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown. She's 18 and she really wants a reality show to call her own.
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Bobbi Kristina sits down here for an interview with Oprah Winfrey. The daughter of Whitney Houston has been going through a lot.
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Is Bobbi Kristina Brown too skinny? Some have seen this photo and believe so.
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Do you see a baby bump here? This picture of Bobbi Kristina Brown has sparked pregnancy rumors.
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Whitney Houston is seen here, many years ago, with daughter Bobbi Kristina. Many are now concerned about this 18-year old's well being.
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Bobbi Kristina is dating Nick Gordon. They pose here at the Hollywood premiere of Sparkle.
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