Beyonce looks glam and gorgeous in a new pic. See her and Blue Ivy now!
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AWWW! It's Blue Ivy! The adorable famous child is playing in the sand in this photo.
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Blue Ivy Carter is definitely royalty. Now she's got the crown to prove it.
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Beyonce and Blue Ivy in an adorable pic from her Tumblr. What a couple of cuties.
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Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter in a cute photo posted to her Tumblr. They are just the best.
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We love it! Watch Blue Ivy dance it up to her mom singing on stage in this ADORABLE GIF from the MTV Video Music Awards.
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Beyonce kisses Blue Ivy Carter in a very sweet moment which she delightfully shared for her fans.
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Beyonce and Blue Ivy Carter. The singer recently shared this photo on her website.
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Beyonce in a bikini, featuring her daughter Blue Ivy. No photoshop there!
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Beyonce definitely dresses up baby Blue nicely. Don't you agree?
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Happy birthday, Blue Ivy! Mother and daughter celebrate the latter turning two here.
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Blue Ivy is held here by her famous father in the airport. The kid sure is a cutie, isn't she?
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Blue Ivy Carter Biography

Blue Ivy Carter Picture Blue Ivy Carter is the daughter of Jay-Z and Beyonce. Yep. Most beautiful and affluent celebrity baby ever. More »
New York, N.Y.
Full Name
Blue Ivy Carter