Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton on the cover of Us Weekly.
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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are getting married!!! According to this hilarious tabloid report, that is.
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Miranda Lambert confronted a young women who "got close" to her husband, according to this tabloid cover. Scandalous!
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Did Blake Shelton cheat on Miranda Lambert?!? That's what this cover story alleges.
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Miranda Lambert's wedding dress is as gorgeous as she is. She and Blake Shelton make such a cute couple!
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Is Miranda Lambert pregnant? That's the subject of this new tabloid cover, anyway.
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Miranda Lambert stands accused of cheating on Blake Shelton with A LOT of guys. At least according to this report.
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Blake Shelton is suing In Touch Weekly over this magazine cover. He says the entire story is a lie.
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Is it all over for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert? Yes, if this tabloid story is to be believed.
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Are Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton expecting a baby together in a bid to save their marriage?
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