Blac Chyna recently posted a bikini photo on Instagram - and took a shot at Kylie Jenner at the same time. She's talented like that.
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Blac Chyna posted this photo in Instagram as a dig at Kylie Jenner. Don't even ask.
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Amber Rose and Blac Chyna wore outfits emblazoned with anti-female epithets at the 2015 VMAs. Not surprisingly, their choice of attire set off a debate on social media.
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Blac Chyna loves to troll Kylie Jenner on Instagram, and this is her latest attempt at doing so.
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Blac Chyna posted this pic to Instagram. She loves social media almost as much as her rival, Kylie Jenner.
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Blac Chyna recently posted a photo of a text conversation in which it appears that her baby daddy, Tyga, is trying to win her back. Tyga is currently dating Kylie Jenner.
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Blac Chyna doing her thing. And that thing is posting photos like this on Instagram. It's a living.
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Blac Chyna used a bikini photo to throw some birthday shade at Kylie Jenner. Now that the girl is a legal adult, all shade-throwing is fair game.
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