Beyonce and Jay Z kiss in Paris on stage. The couple just renewed its vows and has put all rumors of their breakup to rest.
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Did Beyonce photoshop thigh gap onto herself? It looks like it based on this pic.
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Jay Z and Beyonce are still crazy in love after all these years. They may be our favorite couple in Hollywood.
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Beyonce poses in a bikini, and she looks absolutely stunning in this latest photo from her Tumblr.
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Beyonce strikes a pose at the world premiere of Cadillac Records. In the movie, the singer portrays the iconic Etta James.
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See, even celebrities cuddle! Jay-Z gets up close and personal with his famous wife, Beyonce.
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Check out the cover art for Beyonce's third solo album, titled "I Am... Sasha Fierce." The singer is definitely naked in this shot, isn't she?
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Beyonce arrives at the premiere of her upcoming new film 'Obsessed' in the city of New York.
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When you're as huge as Beyonce, you don't mend your own dresses. In this shot from the premiere of Cadillac Records, the beauty gets a helping hand.
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Beyonce dazzles at the premiere of Obsessed. No wonder so many peeps are obsessed with her. Day. Am.
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Following a video she shot while wearing this dress, Beyonce was accused of packing on the pounds. But her rep said it was just the style of the dress, not the fat on the singer.
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Beyonce rides a jet ski in this photo. Later in the day, she'd ride husband Jay-Z.
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There are responsibilities that come along with this life ... trying to have a romantic meal without someone sneaking in to film the whole thing.