Bethenny Frankel wardrobe malfunction alert! Watch this talk show host nearly give us a major sneak peek in this GIF.
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So... what do you think, people? Bethenny Frankel is showing off her new hairstyle in this Twitter photo.
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Bethenny Frankel, according to court documents, is worth more than $22,000,000.
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Is Bethenny Frankel really getting her own reality show? That's the rumor that began to circulate in July 2009.
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For someone her age, Bethenny Frankel looks very good in a bikini. This can't really be denied.
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Bethenny Frankel lacks any actual talent. But, hey, she is rich and looks good in dress, so why shouldn't she star in a reality show?
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Eat a cheeseburger, Bethenny Frankel. In fact, eat a few dozen! You're all skin and bones.
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Bethenny Frankel has made a name for herself on the Bravo series The Real Housewives of New York City. Can you imagine her on Dancing with the Stars?
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