Azealia Banks and Lady Gaga in a cool photo. These two aren't so cool nowadays, from the sound of it.
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Azealia Banks posted a topless pic to Twitter today. We guess it's her way of taking a break from her constant online feuds.
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Azealia Banks covers the new issue of Playboy. Inside the mag, she gives an explosive interview that's certain to stir up controversy.
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Azealia Banks is one of the more outspoken artists out there. She performs on stage in this photo.
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Azealia Banks rocks a crowd in London. She DOES do something other than attack other rappers on Twitter!
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Azealia Banks posted this shot of herself in #whiteface, but was none too pleased at some of the backlash that followed.
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Azealia Banks performing. So, apparently she does do something other than tweet.
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Rapper Azealia Banks on stage. She's as famous for her feuds as for her music.
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