Hey, it's Ava in a big floppy hat! Yes, that's what we're focused on here!
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Ava Sambora wants to be a model and an actress. She's the daughter of Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear.
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Ava Sambora poses backstage at a fashion show. This 13-year old daughter of Heather Locklear has her sights set on a modeling career.
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Ava Sambora poses here with her father. The 13-year old says she wants to be a model and an actress.
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Okay, for once she's not wearing a bikini. Even so, Ava's swimwear game is on point.
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Some religions believe that if you're good, in your next life you'll come back as that goose. Remember that next time someone cuts you off in traffic.
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Ava Sambora looks fantastic from angles. Here she is proving it with one of her hot friends.
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Like many up-and-coming models, Ava has worked for 138 Water. We guess the campaign's been successful, because they're sticking with the strategy. Although we have to say - we've never seen anyone drinking the stuff.
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Ava captioned this pic with something about her hair. Somehow, we doubt that's the reason this pic has racked up thousands of likes.
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Here's Ava doing some modeling. It's a competitive world, but with her looks and connections, we're guessing she'll do fine.
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Surprise! Ava's in a bikini again! Fortunately, this is one sight that never gets old.
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One of those "dragging someone with you" pics that are so popular on Instagram these days. Hey, we'd follow her!
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Ava Sambora is the 13-year old daughter of Richie Sambora and Heather Locklear. She's made it clear she wants to be a model, walking the... More »
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