Audrina Patridge is looking better and better these days. More natural, in our opinion.
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Audrina Patridge arrives to film scenes for The Hills in February 2009.
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Audrina Patridge of The Hills fame gets into a car as she prepares to host the big MTV Australia Awards on March 27, 2009. Should be cool.
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We're not making this up: Audrina Patridge says she has a "chest problem" and that's why folks think she has gotten her boobs enhanced.
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We're over here! Audrina Patridge is seen here making her way to a club of some kind. We're guessing. That's what she does, for the most part.
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The whole Hills gang - save for Speidi - filmed scenes in Hawaii for episodes of the series' upcoming fifth season.
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Audzo, a.k.a. Audrina Patridge, is a cute girl. We cannot tell a lie. She is a little hard to read sometimes, but that may just be because there's not too much goin' on upstairs.
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The fashion police, that is! Girl spotted at the airport looking both casual AND hot! How does Audrina Patridge do it?!
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Audrina Patridge Biography

Audrina Patridge in a Bikini
Audrina Patridge stars on The Hills. Maybe you recognize Audrina Patridge from that show ... or from those hot nude pics that surfaced... More »
Yorba Linda, California
Full Name
Audrina Cathleen Patridge

Audrina Patridge Quotes

[The role is] giving me the chance to show people [what I can do]. This is why I moved to L.A.

Audrina Patridge [on snagging a movie role]

Lauren Conrad [on a random Les Deux club-goer]: He thinks I like him.
Audrina Patridge: He thinks you like him?
Lauren Conrad: Seriously, I never wanted to stab myself in the eye more.