The strangest thing about this Aubrey O'Day photo? It's not that she's naked. It's that she's posing for Travis Barker's new fashion line. She would later get naked again for the March 2009 <a href="">issue of Playboy</a>.
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Aubrey O'Day gets a last second make up check before getting photos of herself taken for Complex magazine. This singer is not good looking.
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Aubrey O'Day poses here for Maxim. See, she's all wet because that makes guys think of sex and sex is all she has to offer.
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Aubrey O'Day would be a lot more attractive if she were a lot less skanky and easy.
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Aubrey O'Day and Hugh Hefner look thrilled to be hanging out at this Playboy party, don't they? It's okay to smile, guys.
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A pic of Aubrey O'Day on Celebrity Apprentice. Do you think she deserved to get axed?
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Oh, thank goodness! It looks like Aubrey O'Day will be okay after all, despite the not guilty verdict for Casey Anthony.
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Yup. There they are. Not small. Take a nice, extended look here at Aubrey O'Day's chest.
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Aubrey O'Day was actually fired as the singer of Danity Kane in the fall of 2008. She's kind of weird looking, but can occasionally come... More »
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I usually watch black guys doing white girls, that's my little fetish, even though in real life race isn't a factor for me. Really, I'm more turned on by watching the girls than the guys. I love someone who looks like they're really into sex.

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I’m dating like five guys.

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