Drake performing live. He's a chart-topper these days.
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Drake making it rain at a Charlotte strip club. Golly.
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Drake. He's kinda the man, though he's in some hot water over the whole nightclub fight that broke out with Chris Brown.
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Drake performs live in concert. Guy's a pretty talented performer.
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Drake out and about, sporting some sharp glasses. What a suave, stylish fella.
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Drizzy aka Drake. The man the myth the legend in the making.
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Drake kept it simple at the MTV Video Music Awards. Hey, the guy looks great in black.
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This photo was taken in the aftermath of the bar fight between Chris Brown and Drake. Looks like a pretty serious melee!
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Drake Biography

Drake Smiles Aubrey Graham is a Canadian actor and recording artist. He is best known for playing Jimmy Brooks, the basketball star that became... More »
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Full Name
Aubrey Drake Graham