Ashley Harkleroad is nude in the August 2008 issue of Playboy. Here's a look at one of her (HOT!) photos from the spread.
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There you have it, tennis fans. Ashley Harkleroad nude in Playboy. Kinda makes you wanna spank some balls around the court with her, doesn't it?
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Ah yes. Just one nude Ashley Harkleroad and three Hollywood Gossip logos. What more could you ask for, tennis fans?
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A naked Ashley Harkleroad aims to please ... or so you wish. Sadly, this is the closest you are going to get to Ashley Harkleroad naked. Though it could be worse ...
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Oh yes. This is an Ashley Harkleroad naked picture from her spread in the August 2008 issue of Playboy. There are more where this came from!
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In this nude Ashley Harkleroad pic, the tennis star shows off her body, to the delight of just about everyone besides the WTA.
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Don't worry: there are plenty of Ashley Harkleroad nude photos in her Playboy shoot. Here's a more innocent image, however, as the tennis star simple smiles for the camera.
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Ashley Harkleroad nude photos grace the pages of the August 2008 Playboy. Here's the cover for that issue. Makes the recent Sports Illustrated cover shots look sort of lame, huh?
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Ashley Harkleroad is a young, attractive female tennis player. She's the first athlete of her kind to ever pose for Playboy.
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Sometimes, tennis players need to reach for their balls. In this image from Playboy, Ashley Harkleroad is doing just that... to the delight of men everywhere.
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This is just a tease of what you can see in the August 2008 issue of Playboy. Tennis player Ashley Harkleroad is entire nude within those pages!
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Ashley Harkleroad Biography

Ashley Harkleroad Picture
Ashley Harkleroad joined the Women's Tennis Association officially on June 12, 2000. A native of Rossville, Georgia, she's currently... More »
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Ashley Harkleroad

Ashley Harkleroad Quotes

I like a lot of different guys. I'm young, I don't need to be settling down.

Ashley Harkleroad

There's a few reasons why I did it, but I can't really go into it right now. But like I said, I really didn't think it was that big of a deal. I'm proud of my body. I stay in shape and try to stay fit.

Ashley Harkleroad [on posing for Playboy]