Ashley Benson tantalizes and teases in this photo from Cosmopolitan. She stars on Pretty Little Liars.
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Ashey Benson is the spokesperson for H&M. She poses here in behalf of an ad campaign.
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Ashey Benson is the new face of H&M. The Pretty Little Liars star looks very pretty in this campaign, doesn't she?
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Hot damn! Ashley Benson heats up this cover of Cosmopolitan. Big time.
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HA! Ashley Benson mocks Amanda Bynes in this amazing Instagram photo. We love it.
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Ashley Benson strips way down in this Maxim photo. It's a different side to the Pretty Little Liars star.
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Ashley Benson would like to show you her cleavage. Here is an Instagram selfie of the actress.
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Ashley Benson stars on Pretty Little Liars. And in the fantasies of males everywhere after this Cosmopolitan spread.
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