Never did we expect Ashlee Simpson to wear it as a top, but hey, no complaints.
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Aren't Ashley Simpson-Wentz and Pete Wentz the cutest couple? No? Eh, you're right, we've seen cuter. And much more talented.
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Ashlee Simpson does what she does best - look like a moron.
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Ashlee Simpson's bra looks awesome as a top, don't you think?
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Come on, Ashlee Simpson. Impressive as your attempt to be Lindsay Lohan is, we know the curtains don't match the drapes, babe.
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That's Ashlee Simpson for you. Just plain worthless. Nice bra as a top, though. That works for us.
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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson with baby Bronx Mowgli.
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Pete Wentz makes a move on his wife. He's just after the breast milk, probably. Seriously, dude has tasted it. He said this. Eww.
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Pete Wentz and his piece do their thing on New Year's Eve.
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Sorry, but that nickname actually seems very appropriate to us. Have you ever listened to Ashlee Simpson's music? Trash. Case rested!
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A photo of Ashlee and Jessica Simpson, looking very cute and useless. Par for the course, really.
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Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz sure make a cute couple, don't you think? We're big fans of them together, even though she is not that great of a singer. Oh well.
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Ashlee Simpson Biography

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz
Oh, Ashlee Simpson, ye of little worth. She is Jessica's annoying, less hot, talentless, plastic surgery-loving little sister. Woo! Yup,... More »
Dallas, Texas
Full Name
Ashlee Nicole Simpson-Wentz

Ashlee Simpson Quotes

I didn't know I'd be getting married right now, but I'm so happy to be! I'm a lucky girl.

Ashlee Simpson

Do I look like I had 10 cheeseburgers or something?

Ashlee Simpson [avoiding pregnancy questions]