Ariel Winter made a bold fashion choice at this year's SAG Awards. The actress worked the red carpet in a dress that revealed her scars from her recent breast reduction surgery.
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Ariel Winter recently underwent a breast reduction. But as her latest Twitter photo shows, she's still quite well-endowed up top.
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Ariel Winter shared a photo of herself wearing a bedazzled body suit on Instagram.
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Ariel rocks a classic look. The actress is known for her red carpet style.
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Ariel rocks some '50s gear. She can pretty much pull off any look.
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Ariel chillin' with her dog. The woman really doesn't take a bad photo.
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Ariel Winter poses for a closeup. The girl's basically lived her whole life in front of a camera.
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Ariel with Laura Prepon. Maybe now that she's 18, she can cameo as an inmate on Orange is the New Black.
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Or should we say, an Ari-elfie? No. No we should not.
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Ariel Winter flashes a smile here on the red carpet. We wish her all the best in her personal life.
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Ariel Winter strikes a pose during this red carpet event. She cracks us up on Modern Family.
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We love Ariel Winter on Modern Family. And we hope all is soon resolved in her messy personal life.
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