What a hot photo of Anna Faris. The House Bunny star could be our house bunny any day. That was remarkably uncreative, upon second thought.
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Not what you had in mind, we know. Us too. But that's a cute bitch, you gotta admit.
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Anna Faris poses in a bikini for GQ magazine. Not the kind of picture we had in mind, but she's still hot.
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Anna Faris looks foxy in GQ magazine in March 2009. Oh, does she ever.
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Anna Faris in Arena Magazine, the sort of publication usually reserved for people such as herself. Still, good work, Anna. Good work.
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A gorgeous shot of Anna Faris' cleavage in Arena magazine. She's looking photoshopped beyond belief, but still hot!
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Anna Faris is looking sexy to say the least. Props to Arena magazine for its amazing photoshopping and editing department.
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Step into the Arena (magazine photo shoot) and see Anna Faris posing for photos and looking sexier than all getout. Who talks like that?
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Anna Faris is the type of girl who seems like she would pose in Arena magazine. She has thus fulfilled her destiny with these smokin' pics.
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Anna Faris' lips got a little bigger between 2002 and 2008, don't you think? Is that the only plastic surgery this actress got?
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Is this an Anna Faris fashion disaster? Or a winning fashion decision?
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A hot Anna Faris pic, at that. Whoa, nelly, what a piece of woman.
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Anna Faris Biography

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Anna Faris is an actress and singer known for her broadly comic roles such as The House Bunny, Scary Movie 1-243, and other good stuff.... More »
Baltimore, Maryland
Full Name
Anna Kay Faris