Ann Curry may be replaced on The Today Show. That rumor first cropped up in June 2012.
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Ann Curry reportedly wants to work at CNN. But she has to get out of her NBC deal first.
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Might Ann Curry take it in and write a tell-all? Today fans sure hope so!
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Ann Curry has been stabbed in the back, this Us Weekly cover says.
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Do you like Ann Curry's short hair? She cut it against the wishes of her bosses at NBC.
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Matt Lauer and Ann Curry on Today. Oh to be a fly on that wall. Metaphorically. We know they're outside.
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Ann Curry and Matt Lauer don't look thrilled to be in each other's company here, do they? Sources say the latter pushed the former off The Today Show.
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Ann Curry had a run of about one year on The Today Show. And it now looks to be over.
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Ann Curry was fired from The Today Show. And, months later, NBC continues to receive flak.
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Katie Couric is close to Ann Curry. How close? See for yourself, readers!
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This was poor timing for this caption, as Ann Curry is rumored to be getting replaced on The Today Show.
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This scene won't be repeating itself again. Ann Curry is out of The Today Show.
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