Angelina Pivarnick is the random girl on Jersey Shore. She left in Season One and she's back now.
Angelina and The Situation from Jersey Shore. Who, you ask? The girl who quit after one episode last season, then returned when it got so huge for the second go-around. She's the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island, people.
Angelina and Snooki from Jersey Shore out and about in Miami. What a couple of characters.
Pauly D, J-Woww and that other girl from Jersey Shore step out for a press tour. You gotta love these three together.
Angelina quit Jersey Shore after one season. Early one season in act. She sort of sucked, but hey, we're posting a pic of her, so joke's totally on us!

Angelina Pivarnick Biography

Jersey Shore's Angelina
Angelina Pivarnick is a star on Jersey Shore. She's also the outcast, having bailed on both seasons of the show to date. Frequently... More »
Staten Island, New York
Full Name
Angelina Pivarnick