Hey, he's shirtless alright. He's also covered in mud, making this pic not what you were looking for, but that's not our problem.
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Anderson Cooper is a proud gay man. He describes his sexuality as a "blessing."
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He's known as the Silver Fox and it's easy to see why. But Anderson Cooper has wit and intelligence to match his looks.
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Anderson Cooper is so good-looking. The Silver Fox never disappoints.
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Anderson Cooper. What a hunk.
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Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin make quite the interesting pair. It's great comedy.
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He may have the bluest eyes on television. That's just one thing to like about Anderson Cooper.
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Anderson Cooper went blind recently, but only for 36 hours. He sunburned his eyeballs ... seriously.
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Anderson Cooper Biography

The Silver Fox
Anderson Cooper is a sexy beast. He also has two last names, which is a bit unusual. Either way, the silver fox is known for making gray... More »
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Anderson Cooper