Amy Leigh Andrews isn't exactly your typical graduate student from Atlanta. This 24-year old is living in the Playboy Mansion and getting it on with Hugh Hefner.
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While Amy Leigh Andrews is sporting some sexy lingerie in this photo, it's being reported that Hugh Hefner has seen her in even less. That's right, this model is dating the Playboy founder.
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Meet a new girlfriend of Hugh Hefner. Yes, the Playboy creator has managed to bed model Amy Leigh Andrews.
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An Amy Leigh Andrews nude picture isn't hard to come by. But if you wanna see her in all her bare frontal glory, you'll have to pick up a copy of Playboy.
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Say hello to Amy Leigh Andrews. The graduate student from Georgia is one of Hugh Hefner's new girlfriends, according to various reports.
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Is Amy Leigh Andrews really dating Hugh Hefner? Even if reports are false, it's still nice to stare at this Playboy Bunny, isn't it?
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Amy Leigh Andrews is reportedly one of three new girlfriends for Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. Andrew is a graduate student from Atlanta,... More »
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