Are the stars of Teen Mom giving up their kids so they can party? That's the rumor going around!
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Amber Portwood hasn't a clue. About anything honestly.
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Gary Shirley, Leah and Amber Portwood share a nice family moment.
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This is Clinton Yunker. He is dating Amber Portwood. We give it a couple of days.
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Amber Portwood and Farrah Abraham never got along, although the Teen Moms are on ok terms these days.
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Amber Portwood is seen here with daughter Leah. Let's hope the former can turn her life around in order to ensure the latter has a bright future.
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Amber Portwood and her daughter Leah have been through tough times. Are better ones ahead?
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Yup. There they are. Maci, Catelynn, Amber and Farrah. A fab four, if you will.
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Amber Portwood's makeover looks pretty great. At least compared to her mug shot chic look of the past.
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Is Amber Portwood losing her baby? That's what this ridiculous cover story in OK! wants to imply.
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Matt, Amber, Farrah, Cate and Tyler from Teen Mom: OG fame.
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Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood know a thing or two about crises. The Teen Mom stars' struggles are chronicled here.
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Amber Portwood Biography

Amber and Leah (Teen Mom)
Amber Portwood is a star on MTV's Teen Mom. She is the mother of Leah Leann Shirley, whose father is Gary Shirley, Amber's on-off fiance... More »
Anderson, Indiana
Full Name
Amber Portwood