Amanda Seyfried sizzles in Esquire. Wow, does she ever ... goodness.
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Amanda Seyfried poses for GQ. She does a heck of a job of it too. Well done, Amanda Seyfried. Well. Done.
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Amanda Seyfried stars in Jennifer's Body. Soon we're going to be talking about Amanda's body if she keeps posing like this!
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We were big fans of Amanda Seyfried on Big Love. But the actress exited that show in early 2010.
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Amanda Seyfried might be the hottest young actress in Hollywood. She has a huge career in front of her.
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That is some awesome cleave on Amanda Seyfried. Whoa.
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Amanda Seyfried on the cover of Allure. May 2013 style.
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Amanda Seyfriend heats up the pages of Esquire. Check out this photo and tell us you don't agree with our assessment.
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Amanda Seyfried Biography

Pic of Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried is an actress best known for her role on HBO's Big Love and in movies like Mamma Mia! and Jennifer's Body. She's had... More »
Allentown, Pennsylvania
Full Name
Amanda Michelle Seyfried