Amanda Knox in February 2012. Back to school.
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Amanda Knox speaks after her release from an Italian jail. Her case sparked widespread media interest.
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Amanda Knox is a free woman. First time in awhile since she and Raffaele Sollecito were convicted of murder.
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Amanda Knox was given the nickname Foxy Knoxy at one point.
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Amanda Knox has had a tough go of it. She now faces a new trial.
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Amanda Knox on the Today Show September 20, 2013. She will not go back to Italy for her new trial.
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It's not really an o-face. More like an uh-oh face!
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Amanda Knox has been found guilty of murder for the second time in the death of Meredeth Kercher. Her next move is unclear.
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Amanda Knox is going strong with her boyfriend, James Terrano. Check out this pic of them, they seem happy.
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What a beautiful Amanda Knox photograph!
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Amanda Knox on GMA, 2013, promoting her new book after getting outta the slammer.
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The cover of Amanda Knox's new book, Waiting to Be Heard.
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