Amanda Bynes in a bikini? Don't mind if we do ... ogle.
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Amanda Bynes is topless and on Twitter. Standard.
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Amanda Bynes in a bikini. Great photo. Old but great.
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Amanda Bynes is so hot in this bikini pic. And fresh-faced.
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Amanda Bynes looking so hot topless in the bathroom. Why does she want to lose weight again?
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This is an old advertisement, but it's still worth nothing: Amanda Bynes loves her milk.
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Amanda Bynes is wearing an unusual dress at the Maxim Hot 100 Party. She's one of the most normal young celebs around.
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Amanda Bynes with a hot female friend at Whitney Port's birthday party in March 2009. Doug Reinhardt was also there. Drama!
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Amanda Bynes dons sunglasses and pouts in this self-Twit pic. What's the point of it? Who knows?!?
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Amanda Bynes is a cool girl. She's also really attractive. No wonder Drake be tappin' dat bootay.
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Amanda Bynes is a cutie pie. Here she is at the Hollywood premiere of Star Trek.
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Holy hotness. Amanda Bynes looks smoldering on the new cover of Maxim. Who knew she was even still around, much less this gorgeous!
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Amanda Bynes Biography

A Bynes Pic
Amanda Bynes is a young, innocent actress who is a former show host on Nickelodeon and a singer in addition to an acting star . After... More »
Thousand Oaks, California
Full Name
Amanda Laura Bynes

Amanda Bynes Quotes

My favorite part of my body is my smile.

Amanda Bynes

I say I never want to get married. I feel trapped with the idea of marriage. How can you really be with somebody forever? I'd get bored!

Amanda Bynes