Alli Sims is still alive, apparently, and going to clubs. Here she's departing and wearing a fur coat.
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Alli Sims leaves a club in L.A. in December 2008 wearing a fur coat. Get her, PETA, get her! Fight! Fight! Fight!
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Alli Sims can fur-get about fame now that she's going to be on PETA's hit list. Or because she has no talent and Britney Spears has apparently ostracized her.
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Alli Sims is steppin' out in a fur coat. PETA is not going to like this. Not one bit.
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Maybe it's just Alli. Sims' full first name is not something we're sure about. But Britney Spears' cousin is apparently still around, and hitting up clubs, as seen in this picture.
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Alli Sims, that is. Wearing fur. Yeah, that's gonna go over real well with the PETA peeps.
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Alli Sims Biography

Alli Sims Loves Fur
Alli Sims is an aspiring singer who used to be Britney Spears' personal assistant and fellow club-goer. It's a living. Or was, at least.... More »
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Full Name
Alli Sims