Lindsay Lohan and Ali Lohan love nothing more than a good shopping spree. As long as photographers are around to snap pics of them, that is.
Has Ali Lohan underdone a boob job? We present this older photo as evidence ... or lack thereof. She is looking much curvier lately ...
Ali Lohan is, of course, the sister of Lindsay Lohan. We think she'll be in rehab before her 19th birthday. Maybe 15th.

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Ali Lohan is Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, and the youngest daughter of Michael and Dina Lohan. Pray for her. Seriously. Ali Lohan is... More »
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Ali Lohan

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I grew up watching Lindsay. It made me want to do what she does.

Ali Lohan

My mom is just a regular mom trying to help her kids follow their dreams.

Ali Lohan [on terrible mom, Dina]