We feel dirty for even saying it, but Ali Lohan sure has grown up of late. Cover up girl!
Rating: 4.9 / 5.0
She has some nice hair, Ali Lohan. Genetics? That she got dealt a raw deal on.
Rating: 4.8 / 5.0
According to experts, Ali Lohan has serious muscle wasting going on. We can kinda see it.
Rating: 4.7 / 5.0
Ali Lohan shows off the back of her hand to some unlucky citizen of New York City. The young, aspiring famous person posed for a few photos during a winter day in New York City.
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0
Smile, Ali Lohan! Maybe it's just us, but we thought most photo shoots were meant to be happy occasions.
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0
Lindsay Lohan pays for a few items, while sister Ali texts away in this photo. Don't you just wish this store would blow up right about now?
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0
Doesn't Ali Lohan look like she's gonna cry in this picture? We don't even blame her for doing so. Girl is 14 years old. What is she doing dressed like this in Times Square?!?
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0
Lindsay and Ali Lohan are a couple of all-out wrecks. Well, Lindsay is, but Ali appears dead set on following in her footsteps.
Rating: 4.6 / 5.0

Ali Lohan Biography

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Ali Lohan is Lindsay Lohan's younger sister, and the youngest daughter of Michael and Dina Lohan. Pray for her. Seriously. Ali Lohan is... More »
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Ali Lohan

Ali Lohan Quotes

I grew up watching Lindsay. It made me want to do what she does.

Ali Lohan

My mom is just a regular mom trying to help her kids follow their dreams.

Ali Lohan [on terrible mom, Dina]