A former Dancing with the Stars contestant, Aaron Carter poses here at the Fox Reality TV Awards. He's a handsome fella.
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Aaron Carter has guaranteed a Dancing with the Stars victory. After a couple weeks, he and Karina Smirnoff were doing very well.
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Aaron Carter filed for bankruptcy in November 2013. Let's all hope he turns his life around.
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Aaron Carter made headlines for saying Michael Jackson gave him cocaine. One problem, the singer says: it didn't happen.
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Aaron Carter made major news in June 2011. He said Michael Jackson gave him cocaine at the age of 15.
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Karina Smirnoff is ripped! Look at her dancing here with partner Aaron Carter.
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Karina Smirnoff and Aaron Carter are seen here on Dancing with the Stars. They are not having sex with each other, by the way.
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Remember the days? Aaron Carter and Hilary Duff were once an adorable item.
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The younger brother of Backstreet Boys member, Nick, Aaron Carter has made headlines for random reasons. He was engaged, for one week, to... More »
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