So Wrong on Every Level
Heidi Montag's body ... it's just terrible. Just so wrong. What else can we really say?

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In response to the eunuch who obviously suffers from eye cataracts: you are so wrong on so many levels. That rack is un-fucking-believable. Heidi Montag went from being hot to being even more hot. Summary: fake breasts = superior to "nature" on just about every level.


What?! WHAT?! Are you CRAZY?! She is GORGEOUS! Sure, I get not liking the plastic surgery, but there is overall nothing wrong with her body!


What is wrong with the person writing the captions under this woman's photos. For godsakes, "Just so wrong on every level?" "Rediculous?" ... get a life!!! Whoever you are, your comments are as transparent as they get. I don'd know much about Heidi Montag, but as for her physical appearance ... she stunning! Sexy! Gorgeous! You sound like a bitter, ugly, nasty person! I'd like to beat you down, but alas, you hide behind a nameless persona. How pathetic you are!


This must clearly be wrote by a jealous woman or a gay Otherwise how the hell could you say that her body is terrible and so wrong? i think you're statement is SO WRONG What a narrow minded little jealous person


shes gorgeous. dont try and put her down


While the original Heidi was better she still looks f***ing hot


חיה בסרט !


I Liked Heidi before her surgery, but if you look at the picture well enough you will see where nobody is actually paying any attention to Heidi and that is BAD...Nobody seems intrested that she is even there.

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