Snooki's Pregnant!
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Snooki's pregnant! We've known for weeks, but glad you could make some money on it Snook!!

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Snooki: No Makeup, All Baby Bump

Snooki is makeup-free and and baby bumpin in this Instagram photo. How times have changed for the star.

Snooki Baby Bump Photograph

Snooki's baby bump is here on display for pregnancy #2. Check that piece out.

Snooki as a Kid

That is Nicole Polizzi on the left. That is Snooki on the right. They are the same person.

Snooki at MTV Movie Awards

What's an MTV event without Snooki? Here she is on the Movie Awards red carpet.

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I agree that she deserves a chance to show she will be a good mom. We all have our crazy teen moments where drugs and alcohol are involved but that doesnt mean they cant grow up, especially when a child is brought in this world. I say congrats to her and hope she loves every minute of it! Keep your head up and turn your head to any drama, its always the people that know you the least that talk shit the most!!!


4 real thiugh real talk a bhadd ass parent snooki makein n she fkqed vinny wen she lived n the house with him know at the pregancy room ewww n also bhadd parent she drink a hell of lot of drinks u fkqin dush bag she is so ugly n fat bhadd bhadd ass parent n she did the situation ewwww


Do you remember that girl Nicole richie, she used to party a lot, act like a bitch, get wasted and then she got pregnant and she turned out a very good mommy... let's give this bitch a chance... a baby is always a blessing.


Snooki looks so cute prego! I would have never though she would would get pregnant, but hey, she is and she will be a good mom! I at first though she would but when the time is right she will settle down and i know her main priority will be her baby and gionni. We all have to give everyine a chance, i think she will be wounderful mom.


She looks so fake in that picture but she is going to be a great mom


Snookie will be a good mom. People who talk down about her
Are rude ignorant people.
I'm excited and happy for her


God, she is so ugly. Who would want to have sex with THAT?


She's gonna be a terrible parent! I feel bad for the kid


Snooki Looks So Beautiful Pregnant. I Know That She Is Going To Be A Great Mommy :D