Snooki Polizzi
Snooki, a.k.a. Nicole Polizzi, got her ass whomped by Brad Ferro. But he's being apologetic now, at least.

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If this person named "Anum" wants to talk about someone, LEARN TO SPEEK ENGLISH!!!!!!! D__b S__t!


Yo like i fink that she mad bangin.. n she a skank fo sho yo but when yu messin wid em hoes who gives a fuck i'd like to do her in the bak of a car cause yu kno fo shoo she be squirtin makin it hot up in dere yo like she fuckin sexy n she look like the od chick to bang n thhro outta window


ohh and fyi...yes guidos are covered in fake, tans, dumb spiked or poofy hair, too much cologne/perfume...but luckily there great places at Jersey shore that are Guido free!!!


I love how everyone is making stink about negative portrayal of Italian Americans on this show. I'm from Jersey, this show is mild in comparison to how the REAL guidos act!!! Take a trip to Seaside you'll see the real ones in full blown action. I grew up in a "Gudio Town" trust me this guys are amateurs LOL

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