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Siobhan Magnus is one of the early favorites on American Idol. She ought to go a long way on season nine.

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Siobhan will go a long way and succeed whether she wins AI or not, look at Adam Lambert who's now way, way more popular than Kris Allen.. but I still hope Siobhan wins AI, I always look forward to her performances. I'm hooked on her the way I was hooked on David Cook and Adam Lambert


although i think the AI 9 contestants are all average, crystal is probably the most consistent and focused. nothing like the AI 8, the most interesting and exciting season and somehow adam lambert ruined the show because of the high standard he set up that nobody for a long time will have the capability to challenge him.


I think Siobhan is by far the best of all contestants with crystal coming in second. Crystal has a great voice, but her songs always sounds the same (similar to janis joplin) while Siobhan has a great voice that is unique in every song she sings. Go Siobhan, I hope you make it to become the next winner of American Idol... Big Joe.

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