Simulated Sex
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Adam Lambert pretends to get oral sex from a dancer during the singer's controversial American Music Awards performance.

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2009 American Music Awards
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Oh brother. That's what everyone got so steamed up about. The guy is on his abdomen folks not his crotch. He's just having fun on stage and teasing everyone. Gotta love you Adam Lambert!! Too funny!! Wish I could be at the Gridlock New Years show. Congrats on all your 2009 success!!


That's hot.
:) I love Adam, and always will.
He's amazing.


I am at a loss as to how anyone could simulated oral sex on national TV and then play the gay card saying we are outraged because he is gay? Gay or straight NO one should simulate oral sex, and grope womens private areas on national television. If Adam did this on the street he would surely be arrested for indecency! Wake up america and call it as it is.... indecent and wrong. Mr. Lambert refuses to apologize and is proud of his actions, saying to me he is sexually out of control.


Other than him trying the shock factor that he managed to pull off,just what the hell was this guy even doing at the AMA Awards show? He doesn't sing he screams.(which is probably why he never won American Idol.) I think this idiot hurt his career big time after this stunt. The real winner should have been asked to perform not this phantom of the opera fool. There were very young people in the audiance but he was to self centered to even think about that.


Give it a rest people.


wow :D i love this guy :)!
but i'm not a gay.


omg. omg. omg