Silicone Parts are Made For Toys
Sir-Mix-a-Lot summed it up perfectly. Heidi Montag and her plastic body simply don't do it for us ... you? Would you hit it?

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is that smoke coming from my computer? ah it must be from that red hot girl Heidi montag. She does it for me and wpould most definatly love to hit that ASS


rolls.... wats next girl
some ass lol lol lol ......




She's too fat to be prancing around like that. put on some shorts dearest, your ass has roles.


se la quiero meter en el ano


what make's her so annoying is her stupid girlfriend spencer. if I lived there he would definetly get his face kicked in.


The definition of a loser...follow the crowd. "oh, she's annoying", "Oh, she's a media whore"...blah, blah, blah. You are pathetic. You pull her out of a bar in Vegas and "hit it" and your buddys are high fiving you the next morning over breakfast. Either that or you're gay? Are you gay? I think I can speak for most red-blooded North Americans when I say "YES" we would hit that! LOSER!
BTW, yes, I think shes an idiot but that doesn't mean she wouldn't be fun for a while.


Seriously? That "don't do it for you"??? Yeah, you like the girls in the Sir Mix A Lot videos? Seriously? For real? You like fat chicks with guts and big fat asses. You're among the few then. God bless ya...cuz fat girls need love too, ya FREAK!

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Heidi and Spencer in the Bahamas
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Nassau, New Providence Island, Bahamas
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