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Shayne Lamas is a true fame whore. But you gotta love her just the same. Or at least appreciate that body.

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One of the most underrated young female celebs. Lovely looks, nice body, class, fashion sense, but best of all, she has a brain, underutilized unfortunately cause the paparazzi focus today is all on the looks. Watch her on Lama’s, you’ll see flashes of it. Let’s hope she gets a chance to come into her own. A good role in a good movie should do it for her.

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Shayne Lamas, Lorenzo Lamas Shayne Lamas (full name Shayne Dahl Lamas) is the daughter of Lorenzo Lamas and sister of former Lindsay Lohan boy toy A.J. Lamas. Shayne... More »
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Shayne Lamas

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It was a fairytale proposal like I’ve always dreamed about. I forgot that there [were] cameras around. In that moment, it was just Matt and I and it was the most amazing moment of my entire life.

Shayne Lamas [on proposal by Matt Grant]

There’s still a lot of growing to do in our relationship. We will not tie the knot until I am mentally and physically prepared as well as Matt.

Shayne Lamas
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