Sharkeisha Hoax
This photo illustrates the hoax regarding the alleged death of Sharkeisha. It's not real. The picture is from an old article.

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if i waz the girl she hit then she would of never got a chance in life cuz i would of got her ass. all day and would of never stoped!!!!!!

@ keke

Not if you were blindsided like the victim was.


I feel like wat she did was not ok but dont do things that no one want done as if say things bout her or anything asle dont say someone dead unless u know for sure. For the other girl plz just let her be sorry that sharkeisha hit u like that cuz she hit u but its not that funny cuz if it waz u u would feel the same way.

@ toniyah

Please do not make excuses for that beast. The victim was lured to the apartment and blindsided. What part of that is her fault?? I don't care what prompted Sharkeisha there is no excuse to beat on someone like that, ever.


That what her dumbass get now do it in real life

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New York Post / Twitter
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